A Year In Review

This week marks the one year anniversary for the Campus WiFi Upgrade project. So let’s see what has been accomplished in the first year:

Over 4 million square feet of campus building space have received WiFi upgrades
38 buildings on campus have been upgraded over the past year
7 buildings are currently under construction
16 buildings are currently undergoing Infrastructure design
Upgrades are completed or in process at 13 schools, colleges and units. These include: University Housing, School of Art, College of Literature, Science and the Arts, College of Engineering, Law School, School of Public Health, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, School of Information, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, and University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

As you can see it has been a very busy year for the Campus WiFi Project team and our unit partners. We appreciate all of the cooperation and assistance that the campus community has shown to our teams as they work to improve WiFi on the Ann Arbor campus.

Stay tuned, there is lots more to come.