ITS Projects


This site includes information about the projects and programs that Information and Technology Services is undertaking to provide an unparalleled IT environment and accelerate creativity and innovation by U-M faculty, students and staff.

Project Status and Health

ITS publishes monthly scorecards to track progress toward University IT Priorities and CIO/​ITS unit goals.

University IT Priorities

University IT Priorities are identified annually by the CIO in consultation with university executive leadership and university IT governance. Once identified, these priorities are referenced in the U-M Business and Finance Strategic Framework.

The following projects are ITS' Fiscal Year 2016 (July 2015–June 2016) priorities:

MiWorkspace Implementation

Primary Contact: Scott Taylor

WiFi Project

Primary Contact: Andy Palms

Mobile App for Tracking Location

Primary Contact: Scott Taylor

IT Funding Model

Primary Contact: Cathy Curley

Transition from CTools to Canvas

Primary Contact: Sean DeMonner

Data Science Infrastructure

Primary Contact: Brock Palen

Security Initiatives

  • Phishing scams user awareness
  • PCI compliance
  • Multifactor Authentication

Primary Contact: Don Welch


The following initiatives are the CIO/ITS unit goals for Fiscal Year 2016 (July 2015–June 2016):

Customer Satisfaction Action Plans

Primary Contact: Amy Wang

Employee Satisfaction Action Plans

Primary Contact: Ruth Addis