Current Azure Offerings

Microsoft Azure at U-M (Azure) is offered to current faculty and staff only. 
Review the Cloud Computing section of the Safe Computing website before using public cloud resources.

University Enterprise Agreement (EA) 
This replaces the Click-Through agreement and provides more protections to the university and to the faculty and staff who use Azure. 

Shortcode Billing
This allows university Shortcodes to be used in paying for Azure.

U-M Single Sign On

Preconfigured Security/Networking/Reporting/logging

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
The Basic VPN (100 Mbps) is a very low-level tier and Microsoft only recommends it for development and/or testing purposes. When considering your production environment, however, please be advised that regardless of which VPN size is selected, if data transmission is pushed beyond its available limits, affected resources may experience brief drops in connectivity. This is a known Microsoft issue.

Starting Out

  • 1 x Azure subscription
  • 1 x Resource group with
    • 1 Virtual Network (VNET) with
      • /24 IP block
      • 2 or 3 subnets depending on if you ordered a VPN
      • If you ordered a VPN we create the VPN and establish the connection back to campus.
Please note that the configuration we provide is only a starting point.  You can change or delete any of it.  

For more information please refer to the Microsoft Azure documentation: