Computing Accounts

  • Your Account
    The ITS Service Center can assist with computing accounts, subscriptions, uniqnames, passwords, and billing inquiries regarding ITS services.
  • MCommunity Provisioning
    MCommunity data is used to provision and de-provision Active Directory UMROOT accounts through a real-time data feed from MCommunity to UMROOT Active Directory.
  • Active Directory—U-M Windows Forest
    The U-M Windows Forest is a university-wide collection of domains that are connected by trust relationships and share a common store of information, the Active Directory.
  • Uniqnames and Access Through Sponsorship
    Departments and units can sponsor people to get uniqnames and MCommunity Directory profiles for them (and, in some cases, UMIDs).
  • MPrint Account Provisioning
    Manage accounts for access to U-M's web-based printing service.
  • Friend Accounts
    Friend accounts allow guests to log in and access the U-M Computing environment.
  • Standard Computing Services
    Learn about the standard computing services U-M offers.