Student Billing

Student telephone charges (for residents of Northwood Apartments) will appear as a line item on your Student Account Statement. Detailed call activity, payments & adjustments, and prior monthly statements are available on the UMphone Student Services website.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students are responsible for paying their telephone bills. Concerns about telephone service or charges will be investigated, and adjustments to your bill will be made as appropriate. If it is determined that claims are intentionally misrepresented, students may be required to pay the hourly administrative costs to research the claim.

Long-distance calling privileges and use of your authcode can be restricted for:

  • Non-payment of your Student Account which results in a "hold credit" status
  • Tampering with university telephone lines or equipment
  • Refusal to allow university personnel access to university-owned equipment in your residence
  • Misrepresentation of your identity to obtain service.

When the matter is resolved, your service will be restored as quickly as possible. Installation and activation charges may be billed for restoring your service.

For more information about your Student Account Statement and making payments, contact Student Financial Operations at 734-764-7447, 877-840-4738 (toll free), or