Web Browser & Desktop Operating System Support

ITS works directly with software vendors to influence them to support the latest version of both Apple and Windows operating systems, and to expand its browser combinations.

Supported Browsers

Web-based administrative applications managed by ITS have been tested to work with the latest versions of the following browsers:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

ITS is currently testing Microsoft Edge browser compatibility with various web applications managed by ITS.

Please use one of the tested and supported browsers if you experience issues using Edge.

Technical support for unsupported browsers is not available.

Systems with Unique Requirements

Select a system to expand for more information.


Google Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox
Compatible with the 32-bit versions of IE 11, Firefox 31.X, and Chrome. Users who switch from HTML to Applet (Java) cannot use Chrome.
Google Chrome Internet Explorer
MCommunity directory is not currently working in Firefox. Please use Google Chrome or IE.
Internet Explorer
Does not work properly in Internet Explorer (IE) Compatibility Mode.
Internet Explorer
My LINC Author Mode requires IE 10 or prior. All other My LINC functions work properly in newer versions of IE.
Perceptive Content Client (Imaging)
Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.1 (8 is not supported)
2 GB of available RAM
1 GB available disk space
Note: Windows 10 is not supported by our vendor. We do not recommend that you update to Windows 10 at this time if you are an active user of Perceptive Content.
Internet Explorer
Requires IE 10 or prior. Not compatible with IE 11.
Internet Explorer
Works with IE 11. Requires Java 1.8.144 or higher.


Firefox Safari
Supports Safari 7 and 8 in HTML mode. The Applet (Java) is not supported.
Google Chrome Safari
MCommunity directory is not currently working in Firefox. Please use Google Chrome or Safari.
macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6
Safari version 11.1.2
Java 8 Update 171 build 11 enabled for imaging.umich.edu
Note: Although other combinations may work, we do not support any other combinations of macOS and browser at this time.

Additional Requirements

Many services also require the following: