Getting Started with MiServer

Who can use the service? 

MiServer may be requested by any U-M community member with a shortcode.

Expectations for Subscribers

While MiServer offers a managed service that provides most routine maintenance tasks and upgrades, ITS expects MiServer subscribers to perform the following activities to ensure optimal service performance. See what to expect from ITS in the Service Level Expectations (SLE).

  • Core service subscribers perform all traditional system administration activities such as operating system administration (including installation), application administration, and monitoring/troubleshooting.
  • Install, configure, patch, and maintain application components.
  • Test, troubleshoot, and resolve application problems resulting from updates, patches and configurations to the operating system.
  • Manage the authorization groups for server administration. (See Access Requests and Authorization, below.)
  • Determine the urgency of a problem that requires assistance from ITS.
  • Follow data management policies to comply with university policies, state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Request a server to be retired when services are no longer needed/used.
  • If needed, shutdown/restart any application software components during scheduled maintenance.
  • Communicate and plan for any network, firewall and front end application server changes that could affect access to the server.
  • Request any changes to the server to handle system growth.

Requesting the Service

Click Request MiServer​ at the top of the page to submit a request form. Specify operating system, server size, data recovery options, and backup options.

Requesting the Service for PHI (HIPAA)

A wide range of university units and non-Michigan Medicine research projects maintain, process, or store Personal Health Information (PHI) data regulated by HIPAA. ITS has put in place administrative, physical, and technical safeguards allowing some ITS services to be categorized as HIPAA-compliant. Information on which services may be used for HIPAA data can be found in the Sensitive Data Guide.

MiServer is approved for PHI data regulated by HIPAA.

Access Requests and Authorizations

Subscribers manage server access through an associated MCommunity group.