Getting Started With the Document Imaging System

Attention: See the Web Application Requirements section for compatible versions of Java.

All University of Michigan departments are eligible to use the centralized document imaging system.

Exception: According to the university's site license, imaging cannot be used to capture any patient billing, patient records, or clinical-related documents from the University Health System. See Imaging Services in the Sensitive Data Guide.

To Scan Documents on Your Own

You will need the Perceptive Contact scanning software (client software) installed on your Windows computer; it is not compatible with Mac. It enables you to scan printed documents and store them as electronic documents in a secure online environment. See Client Installation Instructions to learn how to install this software.

Viewing Your Scanned Documents

The WebNow application enables you to view electronic documents that have been created with the client software. It is accessible on Wolverine Access > Faculty & Staff > University Business > WebNow. Use your uniqname and UMICH password to log in.

  • Multiple login sessions are not allowed. You can only log in for a single session on a single computer.
  • To log out, click the Disconnect button.
  • Clicking the X button in the top right corner of the browser only closes the browser window. Your session remains open behind the scenes. This will result in the "Multiple logins not allowed" error message the next time you attempt to log in.

Web Application Requirements

To use the WebNow application, you must have Java 1.8.x installed on your computer. It is recommended to have version 1.8.0_144. Please install a compatible version of Java for the browser being used. For example, if Internet Explorer 32-bit is being used to open WebNow, confirm the appropriate 32-bit version of Java is installed.

Supported browsers include:

  • Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • Safari (Limited support)
  • 32-bit Firefox (Limited support)

Non-supported browsers include:

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • 64-bit Firefox

If your unit does not permit you to install software on your computer, your desktop support staff will need to install the appropriate Java plug-in for your computer before you can access the web application. You can download the Java plug-ins from the following links:

Note: These downloads are for Java version 8.144. Java release 8.141 is not compatible with WebNow.

To check for Java on your computer:

  1. Go to Programs > All Programs > Java > Configure Java (or search for Java Configuration)
  2. On the Java tab, click "view:” to see the versions of Java that are installed on your computer

The web application requires two factor authentication (DUO) and a high-speed Internet connection.

Note: We are working with our vendor to get a version of WebNow that will work in all browsers, but we do not have an estimated target date for this version.