Imaging Services

Do you have paper records you need to digitize? Document Imaging Services provides complete, centralized document imaging and management.

What We Provide

  • Scanning Paper Documents
    Our staff can manage the physical scanning of paper documents into various file formats, including PDF, or TIFF images. We can also perform optical character recognition (OCR) on PDF documents and transfer the electronic documents onto DVDs or into your U-M Box account.
  • Providing Access & Support for Perceptive Content Scanning Software
    We also provide technical support if you want to scan your own documents.
  • Storing Digitized Documents Securely
    The same client software securely stores the document, which can also be retrieved electronically via a web-based tool at any time. Your group has exclusive, credentialed access to the document or file.
  • Archiving or Destroying Paper Documents Once Digitized
    Depending on your need, we can archive (at a satellite location) or securely shred your paper documents once you have confirmed that the documents have been successfully converted to digital images.

Find Out More

To learn more about Document Imaging Services, please contact the ITS Service Center.