Alumni Computing Services

U-M graduates receive alumni status automatically. Graduates who already have a uniqname and MCommunity Directory profile keep these and have their alumni affiliation added to their directory profile.

Former students who have completed at least one semester of a degree-granting program are eligible for alumni status. Former students who did not receive this status automatically can request it by contacting Gift & Records Administration.

Computing Services

Alumni keep some services:

  • Uniqname and MCommunity Directory Profile
    Alumni keep their uniqname, UMICH password, and MCommunity Directory profile for life.
  • Email Forwarding
    Students who prefer not to use U-M Google for their email can still retain use of their address when they become alumni. U-M offers email forwarding for alumni at no charge.
  • U-M Google Apps
    Alumni who used U-M Google Apps as students may continue to use their U-M Google account as alumni.
  • U-M Box
    You may keep using your U-M Box account for now, but your storage limit will change from unlimited to 50 GB. If you have more than 50 GB of material, you will not lose any of it. However, you will not be able to upload anything more until you have removed enough material to be under 50 GB or have purchased additional storage from Box.
  • ITS Service Center Assistance
    Alumni may continue to contact the ITS Service Center for help with U-M computing services.

When students are no longer listed by their department as Active in Program, they lose eligibility to receive these U-M computing services:

Students Who Do Not Complete Their First Term

Students who leave without completing at least one term lose their affiliation with the university when they are no longer listed by their department as Active in Program. They lose access to U-M computing services after a grace period.

  • When the student affiliation is removed from the person's MCommunity Directory profile, an automated email notice is sent letting them know that they will lose access to some computing services in 30 days.
  • Thirty days later, access to the services listed in the email ends.
  • The uniqname and directory profile remain active for a little over a year to allow the former student access to their university record.

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