Idea Organization Software for Windows

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Inspiration is a program that helps with idea organization. There are two ways it can be used:

  • Freeform: Put ideas down in any order, then organize them into a diagram.
  • Templates: Use diagram templates that are included with the program.

In both cases, the diagram can be converted to an outline and exported to Microsoft Word.

Using Inspiration Templates

  1. Open the File menu and choose "Open Template…" The Templates dialog opens:

    the Templates dialog

  2. Double-click on a folder (for this example, we'll use the Thinking and Planning folder) to access the list of templates.

    Window showing all Thinking and Planning templates

  3. Double-click on the template you want (for this example, we'll use Personal Goal). The template will open.

    the Personal Goal template

  4. Fill out the diagram with the appropriate information. Use the instructions provided in the tutorial for saving and exporting the file or viewing it as an outline.

    the Personal Goal template filled out

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