Assistive Technology Evaluations

“Technology accommodations aren't necessary because people have disabilities. They're necessary because computers are really, really, really badly designed.”

– Jane Vincent

Assistive technology evaluations are an opportunity for members of the University of Michigan community to explore high-tech accommodation options for a temporary or permanent disability. There is no charge.

Faculty & Staff

Current faculty/staff members who need assistive technology evaluations should contact Suzanne Bade at MHealthy (734-763-0852;

Others at U-M

Other members of the U-M community, including students, alumni, retirees, and emeriti, are welcome to make an evaluation appointment at the Knox Center. Center staff members have extensive experience recommending accessibility solutions for people with all types or combinations of disabilities.

Proof of disability (such as registration with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities) is not required to make an evaluation appointment. Appointments are usually scheduled between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays; exceptions may be made in unusual situations.

Appointments are usually conducted at the Knox Center, 2064 Shapiro Library. Most appointments can be held in a private room within the Center.

To make an appointment, please contact Knox Center staff at

Please Bring to Your Appointment...

To get the most from your appointment, we suggest you bring the following:

  • Your glasses, wrist braces or any other devices you commonly use when computing.

  • Your personal portable device (laptop, tablet, etc.) if you have accessibility questions about its use.

  • If you have questions about your personal desktop computer, it is often helpful if you could bring some technical information—usually, its current amount of RAM, hard disk capacity, processor speed and monitor size. Please ask if you need assistance determining this information.

  • Examples of any course-related materials that you are having difficulty using.