BlueJeans Primetime

The university has a short-term contract with BlueJeans to investigate their new Primetime service through May 2018 with no additional cost to campus. Primetime allows the broadcasting of large-scale events. It includes the ability to set a single end-point as the speaker and/or moderator for an event, as well as the ability to adjust chat and other features based on event needs. The university contract for Primetime includes 18,000 hours to share among participating units. Use is metered by minute for all participants. Primetime features include:

  • Two-way interactivity
  • Moderator controls to mute participants, pin presenters, promote attendees, and record the event
  • Stream to thousands of viewers

BlueJeans onSocial is also enabled so Primetime meetings may be broadcasted to university Facebook accounts. This service is not limited, so ITS encourages campus to use onSocial for small or large campus events. onSocial features include:

  • One-to-many broadcast
  • Social media feel with open comments
  • Limited audio/video stream functionality
  • Not counted against the total university Primetime hours

Interested units can email to request the use of Primetime or onSocial.