Getting Started With Xfinity on Campus

Residence hall students can watch Xfinity programming using a computer, iOS, or Android device connected to MWireless or wired Ethernet. Access to Xfinity on Campus is currently complementary: it will be offered on a for-fee basis at a later date. 

  • To watch on a computer,
    • Go to Xfinity on Campus.
    • Type Michigan in the Your school name field, and select University of Michigan from the drop-down list.
    • The U-M Weblogin page will appear.
    • Log in using your uniqname and university password.
    • Click the Watch Now or Start Watching button.
    • The Xfinity viewing screen will appear in a new tab.
  • To use an iOS or Android device, download the Xfinity Stream app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. When logging in, follow the Xfinity on Campus Students Sign in Here link.
  • To watch on a television, connect a Roku device and download the "Xfinity Stream" application from the Roku Channel Store. When logging in, follow the Xfinity on Campus Students Sign in Here link.
    Note: This requires a Roku model with an ethernet interface and your television must have an HDMI input.

Things To Know

  • You will use the usual university Weblogin screen. Xfinity does not have access to your university password.
  • The full Xfinity on Campus service is available when when you are connected via MWireless or a wired Ethernet connection on the Ann Arbor campus. A limited number of channels and on-demand programs are available off-campus.
  • You can also view Xfinity on a television by connecting a computer to it with the appropriate cables. iOS and Android devices may have limited ability to display Xfinity on external screens.
  • You can only stream Xfinity on one device at a time. To switch devices you need to log out of your current session.
  • You may be able to log into many content providers' applications for a variety of devices using your Xfinity on Campus credentials. Within an app,
    • Select Xfinity as your cable provider,
    • Look for the XFINITY On Campus customer? option,
    • Choose University of Michigan, and
    • Log in when the U-M Weblogin page appears.
  • A complete list of compatible devices and minimum system specifications is available on the Xfinity on Campus website

Note: You are likely to get the best results for Xfinity on Campus while connected to the campus wired network using an Ethernet cable.

Premium Channels and Packages

Premium channels, sports packages, and additional content can be purchased separately and billed directly to your personal credit card. Information about additional programs can be found on the Premium Video tab on the Xfinity on Campus website. Phone support for premium services is available at 877-978-3229.