Student Telephone Numbers & Dialing Information

Note: Telephone service in university residence halls, Munger Graduate Residences, and the Lawyers Club was phased out in July 2017. Students can find courtesy phones in these residences for emergency calls and, depending on their carrier, use WiFi calling. Telephone service is still available for students living in Northwood Community Apartments I, II, IV and V.

Campus Telephone Exchanges

Student telephone lines have a 734 area code and 565 exchange (e.g., 734-565-0000). Other (non-student) campus exchanges include: 232, 615, 647, 763, 764, 936, 998. Student dialing:

  • Non-student exchanges from a 565 line need to use seven digit dialing to connect (e.g., If you are calling a campus office from Northwood, dial 232-XXXX).
  • Non-student exchanges from another non-student line can use five digit dialing to connect (e.g., If you are calling a campus office from another office, dial 2-XXXX)

Domestic & International Long Distance Dialing

Students are able to make domestic and international long distance calls using their authcode. Dialing instructions include:

  • Direct-Dialed Domestic Long Distance:
    dial 1 + area code + 7-digit number (wait for beeps) + authcode
  • Direct-Dialed International Long Distance:
    dial 011 + country code + city code + number
    (wait for beeps) + authcode

Dialing Other Numbers

  • Toll Free Calls: dial 1 + 800 (or 888, 877, 866) + number
  • Restricted Numbers: 1-900, 1-700, and 10-10 numbers cannot be dialed from a university telephone. 
  • Collect Calls: collect calls cannot be accepted by a student telephone.

Toll Free Calls

Dial 1 + 800 (or 888, 877, 866) + number