Student Telephone Services

ITS offers telephone service for students living in University Housing on campus. Offerings include:

In-Room Courtesy Telephone Service

Provides telephone lines and numbers to students living in university residence halls. It includes:

  • Dialing to any on-campus or emergency numbers.
  • Receiving campus, local, and long-distance calls.
  • Opt-In General Telephone service to make off-campus local and long-distance calls using your authorization code for $10.90 per month.
  • Opt-In Exchange Voicemail for $1.20 per month.
  • One telephone set and line per room in Bursley, Oxford, Betsy Barbour, Fletcher, Helen Newberry, Markley, Baits II, and Martha Cook. Note: Other university housing facilities require students to bring their own standard analog telephone set (not VoIP).

Residence Halls, Northwood Community Apartments, Lawyers Club U-M students living in a University Housing residence are able to register their phone number in the National Do Not Call Registry.

In-Hall Courtesy Telephone Service

Provides hallway long-distance telephone service to students living in residence halls. Students need an authorization code to make and bill direct-dial long distance calls to their student account.

General Telephone Service

Provides one telephone line per apartment for students living in Northwood Community Apartments. Lawyers Club and residence staff living in University Housing locations are provided one telephone set and line per room. It includes:

Student telephone lines have a 734 area code and 565 exchange (e.g., 734-565-0000).

Summer Program Telephone Service

Provides telephone service for Summer Program guests living in the residence halls.

  • Dialing to on-campus, local, and emergency locations.
  • Receiving campus, local, and long-distance calls.
  • Long-distance calling using a pre-paid calling card.

Lobby courtesy telephones are available for emergency or campus calls.

Other Telephone Services