U-M Google Updates

Google Drive Desktop Application Stops Working May 12


As we announced in September and in February, the Google Drive desktop application will stop working on May 12, 2018. Accessing Google Drive with a web browser is not affected.

Recommended Action:

Note: MiWorkspace devices with Google Drive will receive the new Drive File Stream as part of the regular weekly updates on May 10.

  1. Uninstall Drive (standard OS uninstall)
  2. Uninstall Backup and Sync (special process)
  3. Install Drive File Stream

Reminder: To use Drive File Stream on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra):

  1. Open Drive File Stream.
  2. At the top left, go to the Apple menu and then System Preferences and then Security & Privacy.
  3. Next to "System software from developer 'Google, Inc.' was blocked from loading," click Allow.

Learn more about Drive File Stream at the G Suite Help Center.

Google I/O 2018


Are you interested in the new and exciting things that Google is working on? Watching the 2018 Google Input/Output (I/O) conference is a great way to learn what’s happening now and what’s on the horizon. Google will stream events and speakers from May 8–10. A schedule of events is available for people interested in viewing the conference.

Coming Soon: Google Chrome Verification Pop-Up


Starting May 7, 2018 you might see a new window when logging into University of Michigan Google resources using Chrome as a web browser. After logging in to weblogin, the page will redirect to a new screen at accounts.google.com to confirm your identity. Verifying your identity this way will provide an additional layer of security and help prevent anyone from accidentally signing in to an account created and controlled by an attacker. To minimize disruption, this feature will only display the pop-up once per account per device

G Suite Video Meetings Transitioning to Hangouts Meet


Starting May 21, 2018, Google will transition from Hangouts video meetings to Hangouts Meet. Meet provides significantly better performance over classic Hangouts video calls, with a cleaner, more focused user experience and a simple, secure, and reliable method for guests to join meetings. With Meet, participants can now use a standard telephone call to join a session.

With this transition, newly created Calendar events will contain Meet video meeting details. Previously created classic Hangouts video links will still be usable until August 13, 2018. For a full comparison of existing and coming features between classic Hangouts and Meet refer to this Help Center article.

Please note: There are many services under the Hangouts name, including Hangouts chat, Hangouts meet, and Google Hangouts. Hangouts Meet is the video meeting service that has become the standard in the Google portfolio.


Change to Default Drive Sharing in U-M Google Mail


U-M Google Mail is a convenient way to share files in Google Drive. If the email recipients do not have access to the linked files, you will get a message asking if you want to change the file’s sharing permissions. Until now, the default recommendation was to let anyone at the University of Michigan with the link view the file. To increase privacy, that default will soon change to recipients of this email can view the file. This share setting can still be changed from the default on each email.