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Get Started with Google Drive

Upload and store, Sync and access, View and update, Organize and Search, Share and collaborate.

Getting Started with Google Team Drives

Set up a team drive, Add files and folders, Organize files, Share and collaborate

Google Drive Tips & Tricks

Ideas for how to use Google Drive with descriptions and instructions; Get more out of using Google Drive

Google Drive Quick-Reference Diagrams

Upload any files (such as PDFs, videos, and pictures) and folders from your computer, Create new documents right in your browserWork with files you’ve stored in Drive, Share your files and folders and choose what collaborators can do, Add shared files to My Drive, Access your files from any device. (Can download as a PDF)

Get Started with Google Team Drives (5:43)
Organize and find your files in Google Drive

Organize your files, Delete and restore files, Find or recover files, Sort your files, View activity and file descriptions, Change notification settings

Share files with Google Drive

Share files from Google Drive; Stop, limit, or change sharing, Make someone else the owner of your file; Share folders in Google Drive; Share files with team drives

Store files in Google Drive

Upload and download files and folders, Supported file types, View and open files, Back up photos and videos automatically, Store and play video, Save, edit and share Microsoft Office files, Save web content, Convert PDF and photo content to text

Sync Google Drive files to your computer

Install Google Drive on your Mac or PC, Change your sync settings, Stop syncing files between your computer and Google Drive, Fix problems syncing to your computer

U-M Box and Google Drive: Ownership and Permissions

While both U-M Box and Google Drive are great for maintaining a shared document repository, ownership and permissions settings (including inheritance of these settings between top-level folders and their sub-folders) works very differently in each.

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