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Get Started with Gmail

Compose & send, Reply, Organize your inbox, Find email, Create signatures

Gmail Tips & Tricks

Ideas for how to use Gmail with descriptions and instructions; Get more out of using Gmail

Gmail quick-reference diagrams

Create a new email message, Read a message in your inbox and send a reply, Organize your inbox. (Can download as a PDF)

Working with Gmail

Information and instructions for best working with Gmail. Includes Mail labels and filters, Manage large volumes of email, Work with attached files and Best practices for Gmail.

Gmail Help Center

Popular Articles, Manage your Gmail account, Read and organize emails, Settings, Send emails, Gmail App, Fix a problem

Gmail Help Center Popular Articles

Sign in to Gmail, Add or remove inbox categories and tabs in Gmail, Change or reset your password, Change your Gmail settings, Change email notifications, Can't sign in to your Google Account

Google sending email to large audiences

Gmail, Sending an email to a large number of people can have certain negative effects:

Organize your Google Mail (46:41) | Mar 17, 2016
Spear Phishing Don't Get Hooked (32:04) | Apr 28, 2016
Switching to Gmail from Outlook

Differences at a glance, Work with email, Do more with Gmail

The New Inbox by Gmail (40:54) | Nov 17, 2016
Migrate Microsoft outlook content to U-M Gmail

Important! This tool will not run on a Mac. What is a PST? Microsoft Outlook users may create a personal storage (.pst) file that contains archived email and calendar data. These files are stored outside of your normal mailbox on your local hard drive or shared drive. Information stored on PST files are not automatically migrated into Google and require additional steps.

Migrate to U-M Google (Gmail) from Microsoft Outlook

Instructions and documentation for Google's migration tool, GSMMO. Important: This tool does not work on a Mac.


U-M Google Spam email procedures

Here’s a few tips for navigating the Spam label in your U-M Gmail account. This document includes how to: help keep messages you send from being labled as spam, manage the way your incoming mail is sorted and see why a message was flagged as spam.

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