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Get Started with Gmail

Learn how to create and send email, organize your inbox, find email, create signatures, and access your calendar, notes, and tasks.

Gmail Tips & Tricks

Get more out of using Gmail with these ideas for how to use it - descriptions and instructions included.

Gmail Cheat Sheet

Create a new email message, read a message in your inbox and send a reply, and organize your inbox. (Can download as a PDF)

Working with Gmail

Information and instructions for best working with Gmail. Includes mail labels and filters, managing large volumes of email, working with attached files, and best practices for Gmail.

Gmail Help Center

Explore popular articles with topics like manage your Gmail account, read and organize emails, settings, send emails, the Gmail App, and fix a problem.

Sending email to large audiences with Gmail

When using Gmail, sending an email to a large number of people can have some negative effects. UM-ITS provides you with some helpful tips on avoiding these effects.

Spear Phishing Don't Get Hooked (32:04) | Apr 28, 2016

Introduction on how to avoid phishing scams online.

Switching to Gmail from Outlook

Differences between Gmail and Outlook at a glance. Download instructions on how to make the switch from Outlook to Gmail.

A quick introduction to the new Gmail

A quick look at how the new Gmail can help you accomplish more from your inbox. Overview of new features and interface looks.

IT4U83: Gmail Got a Makeover! (37:06) | June 7, 2018

Brian Cors (ITS) demonstrates the new web interface, with quick actions, Google’s suggested replies and even more integrations with other G Suite apps. 6/07/18. Resource links provided during the webinar.

Learn what's new in Gmail

Gmail has a new look for the features you already use, plus new ways to organize your inbox, view upcoming events, and take action on emails.

Migrate Microsoft Outlook content to U-M Gmail

Important! This tool will not run on a Mac. What is a PST? Microsoft Outlook users may create a personal storage (.pst) file that contains archived email and calendar data. These files are stored outside of your normal mailbox on your local hard drive or shared drive. Information stored on PST files are not automatically migrated into Google and require additional steps.

New Gmail Interface Overview of Changes

Overview of the major Gmail updates, such as organize emails from your inbox, snooze emails until later, use suggested replies and follow-ups, expand or shrink your inbox view, edit labels & categories, and view Calendar, Tasks, Keep, & add-ons.

U-M Google Spam email procedures

Here’s a few tips for navigating the Spam label in your U-M Gmail account. This document includes how to: help keep messages you send from being labeled as spam, manage the way your incoming mail is sorted, and see why a message was flagged as spam.

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