U-M Box Updates

Box ending browser support for IE versions 9 and 10


On September 26, 2016 Box will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) versions 9 and 10. It is Box policy to support only the latest two browser versions. Microsoft stopped supporting IE browsers 9 and 10 and certain Windows operating systems on January 12, 2016.

Box will notify users on IE 9 and 10 browsers with an in-app banner saying the browser will no longer be supported. After the EOL date, the in-app banner will say that the browser is out of date and the user must upgrade to a supported browser. Eventually, users trying to access Box on either of the unsupported browsers (including via compatibility mode) will be blocked from Box until they upgrade to a supported browser.

Box at U-M quarterly stats


M+Box Accounts/Storage/Collaborations Graph

M+Box by the numbers as of July 1, 2016

Active Accounts GBs Stored Collaborations
62,309 287,594 378,265

Box at U-M July updates: New Editor improvements and more!


  • New! Box Notes Editor improvements are here, including pasting images from the clipboard in Chrome, a strikethrough button added to the inline toolbar, and name changes to font sizes (Title, Subtitle, Body). To access the strikethrough and font features, highlight text and the strikethrough option in the inline toolbar will appear.

  • Need some help in Box? In-Product educational tours help guide you through new and existing product experiences. Box is currently working on improving and expanding in product education for new and existing users. You will see updates to the content of existing tours as well as new tours in the coming months. Simply click the question mark icon in the bottom left for context sensitive tours. You can click to exit out of the tour at any time.

Michigan IT Symposium call for participation!


Join us at this year's Michigan IT Symposium. Have you found creative or advanced ways to use Box and Google? Consider participating in the Symposium, to be held November 21-22, 2016. The due date for proposals is August 12. If you are curious to see last year's entries, the Office of the CIO web page has all the posters from 2015.

Check out the new look for the U-M Weblogin page


The Weblogin page we all use to log in to many U-M websites, including Box and Google, has a new look. This updated page is designed to work consistently across all electronic devices. The new look accompanied the implementation of two-factor authentication.

Weblogin screen