ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 1/23/2018

RAS: AM - AAALAC Improvements Pt2

AAALAC Continous Improvements Pt2- Until U of M is off of probation with AAALAC there will be a constant need to make system changes/improvements. Even if U of M is off of probation there will be items needed to keep us off probation that are recommended by AAALAC The scope of this will be determined based on continual feedback from AAALAC and consultants that have be hired by the Animail Care and Use Office (ACUO formally UCUCA). This project is Compliance related.

Target end date: 12/24/2018
Project manager: Cooper,Camille B
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: Click (Vendor) 8.0 Upgrade

Click (Vendor) 8.0 Upgrade - this new version will be release Oct. 31 2016 - AM, PM, CM, and RM will need to make this upgrade throughout CYl 2017. All products are already two dot release behind the vendor, it will need to do this one to stay in a vendor supported version. This will provide a lot of nice features out of the box the users have been waiting for, as well as features that could be implemented that users have also been waiting for. It is also the minimum required version for MIDAR.

Target end date: 2/16/2018
Project manager: Locey,Mary
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: PM - Award Management

automate the management of Research Project Awards, allowing multiple sponsored projects and other research records to be associated with one or more Award.

Target end date: 9/28/2018
Project manager: Palmby,Brian
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: RM - HRPP Regulatory Changes

To be in compliance with regulatory rule changes that must be implemented on January 19, 2018, the Regulatory Management system must be updated. The changes focus on types of exemptions and needs for continuing review.

Target end date: 3/1/2018
Project manager: Locey,Mary
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RAS: XProd - Data Normalization

This project is across all eRAS Click Projects. This effort will standardize some of the tables and population of the tables. Scope includes: Key matching (OIDS), Person Table, Org/Dept Table, Sponsor Table. This will correct some inconsistencies, and provide the foundation for better integrated reporting, and other integrations in general (like MIDAR)

Target end date: 1/17/2019
Project manager: Cooper,Camille B
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

RunMyJobs Implementation

Objective: Implement a Unicenter replacement using the strategy identified as part of the planning project.

To Implement the RunMyJobs scheduling tool and setup all jobs necessary for the support of the in scope EAS systems on RunMyJobs with the intent to retire Unicenter once all identified systems have been successfully running on the new tool. The in scope EAS systems include: ID Card (M-Card), M-Reports, System Security, Cache Scripts, Maintenance Scripts, Portal Sync, Imaging, Data Warehouse, and M-Pathways CS, HCM & FIN systems.

Target end date: 5/30/2018
Project manager: Burch,Jennifer
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

TIER Campus Success Grouper Project

For approximately 20 years the University of Michigan has provided its users with the ability to create
and manage groups, which are used for a wide variety of purposes. The University currently manages
85,000 groups through its enterprise MCommunity directory. After such a long period of time, and
especially given the current social climate of increased sensitivity to information privacy, we find it
necessary to reevaluate the best way of providing group management capabilities to our users.
Ultimately, we would like to provide our users with a rich set of groups, created using dynamic,
automated processes, which can securely authorize access to applications, enable email delivery, etc.
A primary project goal is to determine the best methodology for providing these services using Grouper.
Furthermore, a pilot to manage groups used for emergency alerts and notifications presents an exciting
opportunity to fully evaluate the Grouper product in support of a vital University service.

Target end date: 10/29/2018
Project manager: Lahann,Aimee
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

TL - CPM CTools Proj Sites Migration

Determine existing solutions for the future of Project Sites & Grad Tools outside of CTools. Migrate users off of the current CTools Project Sites into new existing solutions and make Project Sites Read Only.

Target end date: 12/24/2018
Project manager: Crouch,Catherine M
Executive Director: Demonner,Sean Michael

UM.Lessons Retirement

Migrate users off of Lessons application and decommission service.

Target end date: 4/30/2018
Project manager: Crouch,Catherine M
Executive Director: Demonner,Sean Michael

Uniqname Resilience

This project is part of the Systems Resilience & Disaster Avoidance Initiative. ITS maintains a set of four servers leveraged to automate the provisioning of uniqnames and AFS space to U-M staff and students. Two of the servers, Woodshed and Fear, are maintained by IAM Operations and the remaining two, Surprise and Ruthless, are supported by Storage Operations. The fragility and criticality of these servers necessitates urgent replacement.

The purpose of this project is to replace the four servers with new hardware and new code to:

- Replace current functionality with code that compatible with contemporary hardware and OS
- Extend existing systems to assume some automation responsibility from the existing servers
- Enable high-available configuration across multiple data centers.

Target end date: 2/28/2018
Project manager: Castle,Jeffrey J
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T